DiFi says no to recall,…

DiFi says no to recall, Arianna will say Yes, Loretta Sanchez says maybe

Senator Dianne Feinstein today said said No to running for Governor in the California recall election. Leftie pundit Arianna Huffington will say Yes later today. Rep. Loretta Sanchez, a Democrat, may run.

Update: Arianna has officially announced she is running, and the Arianna For Governor website is up and running!



“Sen. Dianne Feinstein on Wednesday ruled out running for governor in the Oct. 7 recall election, complicating plans of California Democrats who are seeking a strong candidate.”

Arianna, in her newsletter yesterday said

“You’ve been reading every week my outrage at the state of our politics, and I would love it if you could be there to join me as I make the leap from analysis to action — from columnist to candidate”

Sanchez, said she might run if Feinstein doesn’t.

“Attention is a frequent companion for the four-term congresswoman. She was hailed as a giant killer in 1996 when she pulled off an upset victory over entrenched Republican Rep. Robert K. Dornan, becoming the first Democratic congressional representative from Orange County in a dozen years.”

Sanchez defeating the extreme right-wing Dornan was more than an upset, it was an earthquake, and made headlines nationally. It is clear she has serious political skills…