Diebold voting machines in Georgia

Diebold voting machines in Georgia

From Bev Harris’ newsletter

“Georgia, perhaps hardest hit by the growing Diebold scandal, is now facing renewed questions about missing memory cards and other irregularities. On election night during the 2002 general election, 67 memory cards, containing thousands of votes, went missing in Fulton County. Also, according to documents provided to Santa Clara County, Diebold machines experienced “buffer overrun” problems during the election, requiring poll workers to turn them on and off, and if not done properly, this can also cause loss of votes.

Georgia officials, responding to a Freedom of Information Act request by Georgia voters, admitted that they did not have any of the certification documents clearing use of the machines following a series of unexamined program patches put on the machines right before the election. Georgia law requires that any time software is updated, it must be recertified, but the patches were never examined by testing labs. No one really knows what was on the patches; Diebold denied that patches were done.”

Bev Harris’ tone is sometimes too accusatory. I feel she’d be more effective if she notched the attacks down a bit. However much of what she says is being confirmed by other researchers.

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