Babylon burning, and they got…

Babylon burning, and they got no water…

Excerpted from the Viridian mailing list

Is the human race too stupid to live?  This mayhem should be front-page news every day. 2,349 words of a whole continent in heavy weather.

Britain bakes, Europe burns. Is this proof of global warming?
“If it isn’t proof of global warming at last, it certainly looks like it. As much of Europe burns like a furnace and rivers run dry across the continent, Britain is bracing itself for its own record temperature.”

Related storties:

“Technicians sprayed cold water on a nuclear power plant in eastern France yesterday to prevent it from overheating as soaring temperatures caused problems around the world.”

“The intense heat wave that has baked much of Europe for weeks, fueling deadly forest fires, causing drought and damaging crops, has convinced many people that global warming is a reality. “

“Global warming is now a weapon of mass destruction . It kills more people than terrorism, yet Blair and Bush do nothing

Hell, those two dimbulbs probably think the magic of the marketplace will fix global warming if only we would let Capitalism be free of all those silly laws and regulations. Hmmm wait, for them to want to stop global warming, they’d have to admit it’s happening, wouldn’t they???