Howard Dean, frontrunner

Howard Dean, frontrunner

Excerpts from the always perceptive DailyKos

Lieberman attacks Dean. Kerry attacks Dean. The DLC attacks Dean.

And yet Dean only gets stronger, on the cover of all three major US newsweeklies (Time, Newsweek, and US News), and making leaps and bounds in ALL the polls. His Meetup numbers continue to defy gravity, as does the campaign’s signup list. These are all facts, not spin. Whether you love or hate Dean, you have to admit that he has been the center of attention in this race for the past few months, and by all objective methods has got the most solid results.

While the other eight candidates issue press releases into the ether and struggle to reach voters, Dean speaks to hundreds, if not thousands, everywhere he goes. No one has ever seen anything like it. Perhaps McCain 2000, but not until after the NH primary.

The formula to Dean’s success is simple: He speaks like a Democrat, particularly the part about opposing Republicans. That resonates with those of us who saw DLC-types lead our party to disaster in 2002. “