Smog, famine, swarms of locusts…

Smog, famine, swarms of locusts are also of proven benefit

“Some cutting-edge transportation experts have startling news: Traffic congestion isn’t entirely a bad thing. In fact, it’s a good sign. <and what planet are they from, may I ask?>

For what is congestion, these experts ask, but crowds lining up — whether shoulder to shoulder outside a movie theater or bumper to bumper on the road — to pursue activities with economic or social value?

“Congestion is a sign that a lot of good things are happening,” said Brian Taylor, director of UCLA’s Institute of Transportation Studies.”

Brian, you silly twit, if we spent less time driving, then we’d have more time to pursue those economic and social activities, now wouldn’t we?

For penace, you are sentenced to live in Lancaster and work in Santa Monica. Let’s see how sane you are after a month of 2 hour commutes each way. And yes, for you non-Angelenos reading this, some people here do commute that much, and through constantly traffic-clogged freeways.

What’s the answer? Two words. Mass transit.