Jenin, Jenin

Jenin, Jenin

I just saw the documentary, Jenin, Jenin, about the Israeli attack on the Jenin refugee camp in April 2002.

From the website of the film:

Award-winning documentary film “Jenin Jenin” exposes Israel’s war crimes and consistent policy of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people.

Harsh words? Overstated? All I can say is watch the film. Jenin was a small city. People had built homes there, some had been there for decades. It was a CIVILIAN refugee camp. The Israeli military did their absolute best to level it. Missiles, bombs, tanks, they killed anything that moved including children, dragged men out of their homes and shot them, forced women to strip naked, ran over corpses with tanks to destroy the evidence.

One man said, we can take most anything, but when a child who has been shot in the chest dies in your arms because no ambulance will come and you can’t take them to a hospital because they will shoot you if you go outside, and the U.N. and the Arab Nations do nothing – it is too terrible to bear. But bear it they do, and they survive. And then fight back. Wouldn’t you?

There was film of blocks and blocks of destroyed homes. Some were flattened by missiles, others by 80 ton U.S. built “bulldozers”. Homes were bulldozed while people were inside, and this did not appear accidental.

This is beyond inexcusable. This is deliberate policy on the part of Israel. This is madness.

Most riveting was a girl about twelve. Not broken at all. Fierce and eloquent beyond her years, she spoke with focused rage of the atrocities, of how Israel was trying to eliminate Palestinians, and how they will fight forever. She will either be a major Palestinian leader when she is 30 or happily blow herself up in an crowded Israeli marketplace when she is 16.