Welcome to the recall circus

Welcome to the recall circus

The California recall election will happen. However, the vote to elect may be separated from the vote to recall. Expect a court battle on this. No doubt the first of many. Hello Florida 2000.

Key facts about California recall election

From the L.A. Times

“On Tuesday, however, Bustamante said he might not schedule an election for a Davis successor to be held simultaneously with the recall itself. On Wednesday, Republicans voiced outrage at that idea.

If the recall prevailed, that scenario could position Bustamante to fill the vacancy left by the Democratic governor, at least temporarily.

“He’s obviously trying to install himself,” said George Gorton, a top political advisor to action-movie icon Arnold Schwarzenegger, a potential Republican candidate for governor. “It’s not just a coincidence that he is a beneficiary of the maneuvers he is making.”