Lieberman, Gephardt, Kucinich stiff-arm NAACP

Lieberman, Gephardt, Kucinich stiff-arm NAACP

Showing astoundingly stupid judgement, Lieberman, Gephardt, Kucinich skipped the NAACP Presidential Forum. The NAACP is justifiably furious and plans to seriously hold this against them.

“NAACP President Kweisi Mfume criticized Democratic presidential candidates Dick Gephardt, Joe Lieberman and Dennis Kucinich on Monday for skipping the group’s presidential forum, saying the three have become “persona non grata” among black voters.

“In essence, you now have become persona non grata,” he said. “Your political capital is the equivalent of confederate dollars.”

Gephardt said he had a prior family obligation, Lieberman said he had campaign events in New York and Kucinich said he wanted to be in Washington to make votes in the House. Spokesman for all three said their absence wasn’t meant to be a snub and they hoped to work with the NAACP throughout the campaign, but Mfume wouldn’t excuse them.

“If you expect us to believe that you could not find 90 minutes to come by and address the issues affecting our nation, then you have no legitimacy over the next nine months in our community,” he said to applause from the delegates.

I’m dumbfounded Kucinich skipped the meeting. What was he thinking?

Gephardt is such a colorless cipher that he makes Gray Davis appear perky, I have no idea who Gephardt is, what he believes, and don’t much care.

Lieberman, who was supposed to be the anointed front runner, has tripped and stumbled continuously, and this was just one more screw-up.

One thought about him: He’s an Orthodox Jew and doesn’t work on the Sabbath. While I can respect religious beliefs, does that mean he would never work on a Sabbath if President, no matter what might be happening?

Update: Kucinich responds

“Congressman Kucinich has the utmost respect for the NAACP, its leadership, its members and its mission. He regrets his absence from this afternoon’s candidates’ forum. His duties as a member of the United States House of Representatives required that he be in Washington today for votes. Important votes are scheduled on Medicare prescription drugs and agriculture spending. Congressman Kucinich strongly believes that it is wrong to campaign across the country on the issue of expanding healthcare coverage and then miss one of the most important healthcare votes in years.”