Meow TV

Meow TV

Meow TV, on Oxygen, is “TV by cats for cats”. They will be having auditions here in L.A.! If a panel of Meow TV cats judges a human to be sufficiently amusing, then the human may appear on the show. See what you miss by not living in this wondrous town where the only thing real is the lunacy?

Meow TV open auditions. (via email)

“Get out there at this open audition and you might be one of the humans picked to perform on Meow TV, “the first-ever television program targeted specifically to cats.”

You get one minute to do something “that would be of interest to a cat,” including “adding a unique twist to the Meow Mix jingle, creating an original song, reciting cat poetry or juggling balls of yarn.” (How about opening a can of tuna? That’s the most interesting thing in the world to my cats.)

Your performance will be judged by a panel of cats; if they yawn, blink or begin cleaning themselves, you’ll know you’re a bore.”

This is the part where I am obligated to say something bordering on cloyingly cute about my cats. Instead I will say that on a 95 degree day when humans scurry about in the heat, my cats show remarkable good sense by snoozing where it is coolest.