Britain condemns US terror trials

Britain condemns US terror trials

Even Tony Blair, it appears, can no longer stomach the excesses of the Bush Administration.

“The UK Government has expressed its concern at the possibility that British citizens held in Guantanamo Bay may have to face trial by military tribunals.

There are at least 680 suspected al-Qaeda and Taleban members at the US naval base in Cuba.

US President George W Bush decided on Thursday that six of them, including Britons Moazzam Begg and Feroz Abbasi and Australian David Hicks, should face trial in a military tribunal rather than in a regular court.

The announcement sparked a wave of protest from human rights groups who said the tribunals would be a “legal black hole”.

The UK’s Foreign Office Minister Baroness Symons said the government was concerned about the men’s access to lawyers, the standards of evidence and their rights to appeal in the case of any guilty verdicts”