Nader considering another try at…

Nader considering another try at White House in 2004

The probability of a Nader run is 2004 is starting to get mentioned in major media.

“Ralph Nader, still blamed by many Democrats for draining critical votes from Al Gore in the 2000 race for the presidency, says he is seriously considering running in 2004.

Nader says he has moved closer to a repeat run as the Green Party nominee after concluding that Democrats have no one who can defeat President Bush.

“It is quite clear that the Democrats are incapable of defending our country against the Bush marauders,” Nader, 69, says. “They have been unwilling to go all out to stop the destructive tax cuts for the wealthy. They have been soft on corporate crime. They have gone along in almost every issue except judicial appointments. They have cowered, surrendered or divided themselves.”

“So what are you to replace Bush with? They won’t go after him the way I could.”