It’s official. Camejo to run…

It’s official. Camejo to run for governor in CA recall election

“Peter Camejo, the Green Party candidate who racked up 5.3 percent of the statewide vote in last year’s gubernatorial election, said Monday he will be a candidate if a recall election against Gov. Gray Davis is called.

“You will find all throughout California people who are progressives, people who are environmentalists, people who are workers, opposing Davis and wanting him removed,” Camejo, 63, of Walnut Creek, said at a press conference here. “But they don’t want the Republican Party.”

Some Greens oppose Camejo running because golly shucks, the recall is engineered by those bad Republicans, so we should nothing as a form of protest. Hello? If, or should I say when, the recall election happens, Greens needs a strong candidate, someone who will say, hey, what happened to all the money, let’s have an independent audit – and that candidate is Peter Camejo.

Those Greens who oppose Camejo tend to be the same timid souls who think Greens shouldn’t run a candidate for President in 2004 because it might inadvertently elect Bush. This is not the time for rolling over and playing dead. This is the time to speak truth to power.  Loudly. If Democrats want Green votes then they can jolly well move to the Left. And in doing so, might win the Presidency.