If only part of this…

If only part of this is true…

From the Telegraph UK, Oct 8, 2002

“Secret documents obtained by an IRA spy network included transcripts of telephone conversations between Tony Blair and President Bush, security sources confirmed yesterday.

The disclosure that terrorists gained access to confidential White House information is likely to provoke a furious reaction in America. David Trimble, Northern Ireland’s First Minister and leader of the Ulster Unionists, compared the republican espionage as “10 times worse than Watergate”, which led to the resignation of President Nixon.”

Sherman Skolnick, who has been at the conspiracy business for decades, says:

“The secret transcripts and other high-level documents grabbed by the IRA reportedly prove the following, according to those familiar with them::
[1] Bush admits he is greatly troubled by suppressed documents of the American CIA proving there is no danger by Saddam Hussein and no basis for a pre-emptive military attack by the U.S. aided by the British.

[2] Bush expressed his concern to Blair who agreed that Saddam Hussein, if left in power, and alive, is in a position to blackmail the Bush Family and the Queen of England.

Both Bush and Blair, according to the secret transcripts and related documents,are concerned that Saddam Hussein, as a living witness, can give personal direct testimony, as to the treason by Daddy Bush in setting Iraq against Iran, and Iran against Iraq, resulting in the huge bloodshed in the Iran-Iraq War, 1980-1988.

Used against Iran by Iraq was poison gas from ingredients reportedly supplied by a unit of a French firm, American LaFarge, of which Daddy Bush was a substantial owner and Hillary Rodham Clinton was a Director.”

Skolnick has more on this. He’s a perpetual gadfly, conspiracy buff, and just when you think he’s nuts you discover something he’s been railing about for years is true. An interesting guy, to be sure. Not be be instantly discounted by any means.