Gay rights

Gay rights

Today the Supreme Court overturned the Texas anti-sodomy laws which, in effect, legalizes gay sex. Next month the Massachusetts Supreme Court is widely expected to legalize gay marriage. Vermont already permits gay unions, while Canada recently became the third nation to legalize marriage between gays.

This is an earthquake. Gays are on the verge of getting legally recognized civil rights, just as did Blacks did during the civil rights campaigns of the 1960’s.

The fundies are foaming at the mouth over this. Indeed, their anti-gay bigotry is a point of pride to them (go figure). They will no doubt be screaming at Bush to do something about this horrid Homosexual Menace.

The Bushies think this will play their way in campaign 2004, hoping to make it a central issue. I  disagree. Making gay rights a major campaign issue will fracture the right, and fracture it badly. And I expect gay rights will be an important issue in 2004.

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