The primary

The primary

From Lean Left

Who to Vote For: Dean.

I want to go on the record here as being opposed to the MoveOn primary. It is not that I think the primary itself is a bad idea, it is just that real campaigning has barely begun.

Lean Left then gives a paragraph each to the other candidates detailing why they fall short. I agree with his thoughts on Kucinich.

“I cannot bring myself to vote for Kucinich because of his flip flop on abortion rights and because of his inability to control even a little bit of his message. I consider abortion rights tightly coupled with privacy rights, and I am always leery of politicians who do not seem to grasp that. More importantly, Kucinich has been unable to move the press off the “monnbeam” candidate theme, even a little. Part of that, of course, is a lack of money, and part of that, of course, is the generally lousy nature of our mainstream press. But Kucinich has not helped the situation. His Department of Peace is a stupid name, playing right into the press’s stereotype, and the original message on his campaign web site read like, well, Ben and Jerry’s flavor. He should be able to do better than that.”

I also voted for Dean. Whoever wins the Move On primary (they announce results on Friday) gets huge publicity points and media exposure. Plus, given how Move On can raise money, quite possibly several milion in contributions also. So, this is a big deal, and another indication of how important the Net is becoming.