Big fun with my camphone

Big fun with my camphone

The adventures with my incredible Nokia 3650 cell phone/camera/web browser continue!

The 3560 also supports Bluetooth and infrared wireless data transfers. This means I can sync it with the Outlook contacts and calender on my PC. If you are planning on doing wireless transfers with this phone, let me save you hours of time and much gnashing of teeth.

Many Bluetooth/infrared devices refuse to pair with the Nokia 3560. However the Belkin F8T001 and F8T003 work just fine. PC Connection has the F8T003 for $32.95. It took me many phone calls and two other failed devices to learn this.

TextAmerica now has a free camphone posting website. Thus I can now post photos from the cell phone directly to the web via email to the PoliZeros site on TextAmerica. (Ok ok, right now I just have the obligatory picture of one cat, Joey, since Suzy, as usual, refuses to be photographed). More photos will be there soon. In fact I plan to post photos and text virtually real time from the Protest Bush rally here in L.A. on Friday. Wheee….

Update: I don’t have the Belkin Bluetooth device yet. However Nokia tech support told me it worked with the 3650, and when I called Belkin they had it on their list of phones it worked with. And PC Connection is an ultra reliable mail order vendor.