Good riddance

Good riddance

“New Democrats” losing power
“After soaring in prestige under former President Clinton, the centrist “New Democrat” movement is struggling to maintain its influence in the party as the 2004 presidential race accelerates.

In recent months, New Democrat leaders have engaged in escalating confrontations with more liberal party elements — battles that could help determine whether Democrats largely follow Clinton’s centrist course or tilt to the left in their challenge to President Bush next year.

Now the DLC <Democratic Leadership Council> finds itself under fire from a range of Democrats for a blistering attack it issued last month on two of the most liberal 2004 candidates — Missouri Rep. Richard A. Gephardt and former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean. Dean has shot back, accusing the DLC of blurring the differences between Democrats and Republicans.”

Under the ‘leadership’ of the DLC and Clinton, who insisted on tilting ever rightwards in a misguided attempt to grab the center, the Democratic Party hemmoraged seats, losing power and seats everywhere. It is no accident that after ten years of DLC power that Democrats lost control of the House and Senate.

Then, as mentioned, in a monumentally arrogant and stupid move, the DLC last month attacked two major front runners in the Democratic Presidential race. Apparently they’ve decided Lieberman will be the candidate and the will of the people and an open race be damned.

The sooner the DLC loses control, the sooner the Democratic Party will regain its soul.  And then they will start winning again.