Blair’s lies catching up on…

Blair’s lies catching up on him

Blair is under serious attack from the Brit press for his lies about WMD’s in Iraq. May he fall soon, and may Bush topple shortly thereafter. And yes, this story is big enough it could bring them both down. 

Blair and Bush planned to invade Iraq last summer

“Senior figures in the intelligence community and across Whitehall briefed the former international development secretary Clare Short that Tony Blair had made a secret agreement last summer with George Bush to invade Iraq in February or March, she claimed yesterday”

2 former cabinet members say Britain exaggerated Iraq claims

“Robin Cook and Clare Short, the two members of Prime Minister Tony Blair’s cabinet who resigned their posts over Iraq, told a House of Commons committee today that Britain made selective use of intelligence to make the case for weapons of mass destruction and justify going to war.”

Blair and his aides ‘left Cabinet behind’ on road to war

“Tony Blair bypassed his Cabinet and took the country to war in Iraq based on decisions taken by a small group of unelected advisers, a former member of his War Cabinet, Clare Short, said yesterday.”