So much for the “road…

So much for the “road map”

“Day of carnage leaves Middle East in chaos

Israel and Hamas count the dead

How many times have we seen headlines like these? And was Bush’s ‘road map’ anything but a PR ploy destined to end precisely as it has?

Addendum: We’ve seen U.S. Presidents before waltz into the Mideast thinking they can solve everything quickly. When it comes to the Mideast, I think we are dangerously naive and arrogant – a bad combination indeed. There are 46 dead Israelis and Palestinians in the past week coming directly after the road map Bush tried to force on everyone.

Addas has been badly damaged by this. Sharon is ignoring Bush. Things are demonstrably worse now than before the road map.  That’s why I question our unthinking, blundering policy, and wonder whether any of it was sincere.