Where oh where can the…

Where oh where can the WMD be?

The WMD story is attaining critical mass, and is now being widely reported and commented on in mainstream media. Plus it only continues to gaining momentum. Indeed, this may well do serious damage to Blair and Bush, quite possibly bring them down.

They’ve been caught in lie after lie. By now, 230 sites have been searched, and nothing found. This includes sites that Colin Powell, in his speech to the UN, flatly said had WMD. And those trailers that Bush and Blair loudly proclaimed were germ labs have been shown to be not that at all.

There’s a war going on at very high levels. Intelligence agencies both here and in the UK are leaking stories saying they were pressured by their governments to manufacture phony data to justify war.

British intelligence agencies went so far as to tape the government pressuring them to provide these lies, to make the data “sexier”. I can not ever recall an intelligence agency doing that, then going public with it. This indicates major ruptures, with probable fights to the death, happening in the highest levels of the British government. U.S. intelligence agencies continue to make ever louder claims they were used to justify war, when their data showed otherwise.

Various Senators, both Republican and Democratic, have been calling for investigations. This is feeling like early Watergate, and indeed, John Dean of Watergate fame  just wrote the by now widely quoted piece for CNN saying if Bush lied about the reason for war, that would be an impeachable offense. The simple fact this was on CNN shows how fast this story is building. A few short months ago it was just us loonies of the Left saying Bush was lying. Now, suddenly, it’s front page news.

Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA), hardly a liberal, said this “could be the greatest intelligence hoax of all time”.

This is a perfect issue to organize on. It’s simple to understand. Even those who favored the Iraq invasion are starting to question Bush’s honesty and his reasons for war.

Talk with your friends about this. Write letters to newspapers and congress. Have demonstrations calling for impeaching Bush. Here in L.A., ANSWER has called a march and rally on June 27 to protest a Bush fund raiser in way upscale Century City. You can bet the WMD issue will be front and center. We will be loud and militant.

It is the job of the Left to organize hard on this, to make it a white hot issue on the front page of every newspaper for weeks on end until Bush is forced from office. We can do it. And, as mentioned, we have help from the highest reaches of government and the power elite, where it is clear that powerful factions have decided that Bush must go.

Just like in Watergate…