Bye bye Internet Explorer and…

Bye bye Internet Explorer and Outlook. Hello Mozilla!

I’ve been using IE and Outlook for years because, despite the bugs and security holes, I though they had the best features.

But no more! The new Mozilla version 1.4 is demonstrably better. It’s faster, endlessly configurable, and comes with a virus free mail reader and has no gaping security holes requiring endless patches and downloads to fix.

The browser has many useful features such as a password manager, forms manager (no more typing your name and address every time a site asks for it), popup stopper, image manager ( you can block images not from the originating site), tabbed browsing, and lots more.

The mail reader imported virtually everything no problem from Outlook, which included several address books, dozens of mail folders, and about 60 mb of data.

This is open source. The code for the browser is avaialable to all. Anyone can tweak it to their liking. The best of the tweaks and changes are put into the next version. Mozilla is the platform used by Netscape, however Mozilla has way more features than Netscape and, because it is open source, it is continually evolving, and has an enthusiastic community supporting it and doing the programming.

Check it out! There are versions for Windows, OS X, and Linux, among others.

Mozilla home page