Why leftists think liberals are…

Why leftists think liberals are useless

Barbra Streisand thinks that people, people who fly past her house with cameras, are the nosiest people in the world.

Claiming her privacy was violated, the diva actress and singer has filed a $10 million lawsuit against Silicon Valley millionaire and environmentalist Ken Adelman. The suit demands that he remove an aerial photograph of her oceanfront Malibu mansion from his Web site.”

Dan Gillmor comments:

“As a Sierra Club lawyer told the Mercury News’ Paul Rogers: “It is inconceivable to me that someone who proclaims herself an environmentalist would threaten to dismantle one of the greatest high-tech projects to protect the California coast. At some point, someone needs to sit her down and tell her the public interest is at stake here.”

Apparently, when the public interest bothers the diva, the public interest loses.”