This website averaged 688 users per day last month, with spikes up to 1200 a day. Thank you! While I never expected PoliZeros to get huge hits – it’s too Left for that – it is nice to see that people are reading it and that it continues to grow.

Analyzing the web log reports can be fascinating. Hmm, I got 200 hits last month from beastieboys.com and about the same from an online game site and a sports board. These probably came from mention of PoliZeros on their message boards. The biggest numbers of hits I’ve ever gotten from another site was when I posted a photo of Eddie Vedder I took at the peace demo at CNN in Hollywood. A Pearl Jam site linked to it and Polizeros got about 5,000 hits in a week from it.

A full two thirds of all search engines hits came from Google. That is a huge percentage. Yahoo is a distant second with 16%. A few months ago Google was at 50%, so it continues to grow, and quickly too. 

Polizeros has been going about ten months now using Radio UserLand, the software than runs this blog. UserLand allows me to subscribe to news feeds, view them in a news reader, then post news of interest, adding my comments. I subscribe to about 50 news feed, all free, ranging from The Guardian and NY Times to other blogs. Not only can I post news from the reader, it’s also a useful way to read news.

A few blogs I like (this is not an inclusive list!)

Daily Kos Liberal Dem outlook. Amazing analysis and coverage.

Oligology Watch “Oligopolies have been around as long as commerce has. The term denotes a situation where there are few sellers for a product or service. The members of an oligopoly change the nature of a free market.  While they can’t dictate price and availability like a monopoly can, they often turn into friendly competitors, since it is in all the members’ interest to maintain a stable market and profitable prices.” This site has detailed analyses of various oligopolies by Steve Hannaford, who is a wealth of  information on the subject.

Smart Mobs “Smart mobs emerge when communication and computing technologies amplify human talents for cooperation. The impacts of smart mob technology already appear to be both beneficial and destructive”.

Vegan blog
 Comprehensive coverage of GMO, vegan, animal rights, environmental issues.