Kazaa most downloaded program ever

Kazaa most downloaded program ever

2.5 million downloads last week.

A free computer program used for file-sharing, Kazaa ,has now been downloaded more than 230 million times, placing it ahead of instant messaging program ICQ in the list of all time downloads. According to a software download site it was downloaded more than 2.5 million times in the last week, while ICQ was downloaded 330,000 times.
File-sharing program is ‘most downloaded ever’

However, Kazaa is filled with spyware and other such nasties, so I advise not using it.

“Terms of service have long been a source of controversy, especially when they involve consumer privacy. But the issue was raised to alarming levels this month when consumers using the Kazaa program learned that they had unwittingly agreed to install software that could help turn their computers into nodes for a peer-to-peer network controlled by another company.”

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