Bush’s poodle facing revolt

Bush’s poodle facing revolt

Gosh, it appears there are no MWD’s in Iraq. And there probably never were any. I am SO suprised.

The British parliament has an actual spine, and is now confronting Blair about his rush to war – and they are confronting him hard. May Blair fall from power. May some of our Senators grow a spine too – and then confront Bush about his by-now-obvious lies about Iraqi MWD’s.

“Tony Blair’s post-war tour of Iraq today ran into trouble before he had even set foot in the country when Robin Cook served notice that the prime minister faces a growing crisis over the failure to uncover weapons of mass destruction.

Seizing on the “breathtaking” admission by Donald Rumsfeld that Saddam Hussein may have destroyed his weapons, the former foreign secretary issued a blunt warning to the prime minister that he took Britain to war on a false basis.

Saying that they can’t find the weapons, and they may never find the weapons, blows an enormous gaping hole through the case for war that was made on both sides of the Atlantic,” Mr Cook told Channel 4 News last night. “That has to be investigated – a [Commons] select committee is one way of pursuing it.”