2004 Presidential race

2004 Presidential race

Some candidates and possible candidates I’m watching.


Ralph Nader
Has expressed interest in running, and thus is the presumptive front-runner. Whether this is a good idea, I don’t know. He’s already run twice, and some may, fairly or not, consider him damaged goods after the 2000 election.
Draft Nader 2004

Cynthia McKinney 
McKinney was a member of the House from Georgia until her outspoken views on Bush and Israel got her un-elected. I’ve heard conflicting stories about whether she’s interested in running as a Green. A black woman Presidential candidate would certainly grab attention, though she’d unquestionably be viciously attacked by Republicans and the mini-me Democrats.  
Cynthia McKinney 2004


Howard Dean
Ex-governor of Vermont. The only Democratic candidate who has seriously attacked Bush. The craven, powerful Democratic Leadership Council is already attacking him, which automatically makes me like him more. His campaign slogan is “Take back our country”!

He’s heads and shoulders above the rest of the front runners, in my opinion.
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Dennis Kucinich
A genuine progressive. Reputed to be advised by deeply New Age people, something which, depending on your views, you may find either appalling or fascinating. He’s vegan, wants a Department of Peace. After announcing his candidacy he immediately went pro-Choice after years being pro-Life, a move that left many wondering about him.
Kucinich 2004