Street swarming, text swarming

Street swarming, text swarming

From Smart Mobs

Geneva Braces for G8 Smartmobbing.

According to, rumors are flying that Geneva authorities will take anti-smartmob measures when 300,000 demonstrators appear to protest the G8 summit

The city of Geneva is expecting up to 300’000 demonstrators (for a city of 300’000 inhabitants). Rumors are flying, such as the cell phone network being cut off if demonstrators get out of hand, to disrupt their re-grouping and organizing on the fly. According to Christian Neuhaus, a popular spokesperson for Swisscom operator, “Swisscom has no intention of disabling their network. If they did, it would only by police order, but we have heard of no such thing”.

It’s not such a wild idea, as local cellphone networks in Mumbai, the financial center of India, were asked in March of 2002 to disable their SMS service during the day, to help reduce social unrest and avoid the organization of illegal demonstrations, according to Cellular News.