Bush blinks on Cuba

Bush blinks on Cuba

Bush had a bad day yesterday concerning Cuba.

Statement condemning Cuba fails at OAS

An U.S. backed statement condemning Cuba for human rights violations failed to pass at the Organization of American States (OAS) after being blocked by Venezuela and Brazil. This is rather astounding, considering that OAS generally rubber-stamps what the U.S. wants.

Plus, Bush backs off on new restrictions for Cuba

Bush was widely expected to announce further restrictions on Cuba yesterday in Miami. It was assumed he would stop direct flights to Cuba and disallow sending of money to Cuba. Instead, he did neither, releasing a tepid announcement instead.

Why? Because Cubans in Miami said they need to be able to send money and travel to Cuba. And apparently, given what has happened in Afghanistan and Iraq, they made it quite clear they wish no U.S. escalation against Cuba because they have family there, and don’t want Havana bombed into rubble.

Bush huffed and puffed loudly on Cuba. Then got slapped down by OAS and backed down on new restrictions.