Well now they’re just getting…

Well now they’re just getting silly…

The Santa Monica Mirror, a newspaper that to date has completely ignored the Mike Feinstein story, even though most other Santa Monica newspapers have covered it extensively, did manage the following over-the-top piece of hysteria in an Op-Ed last Friday.

“Looks like the Green Party is attempting a “Stalinist” purge with its recent harangue against Santa Monica City Councilmember Mike Feinstein”.

Stalinist? I thought my pals in ANSWER were the ones who get accused of being Stalinist? Now Greens are Stalinists too? I am soooo confused… Here I thought we were just peaceful treehuggers.

The Mirror then went on to say how the office Feinstein has is somehow a central issue. It’s not. The central issue is the $10,000 check made out to the Green Party of Los Angeles County which Feinstein deposited into a private bank account.

And I find it bizarre that the Mirror can run an Op-Ed about this while not actually running any stories about it – something which has been a major story among politicos in Santa Monica.

(Their Op-Ed was triggered by this State Green party press release about Feinstein)