More on the national ANSWER…

More on the national ANSWER conference

Much of the fun of posting articles about ANSWER here is checking my web logs to see how many right wing weblogs link to the post so they can insult me. Lemme tell ya folks, ANSWER makes the the Right go absolutely batshit with rage. We must be doing something right! My report of the conference (directly below this post) has already generated several hundred hits from foaming at the mouth conservative weblogs who are Shocked and Appalled at what went on there. Hey, thanks for the hits!

Some have asked if ANSWER will be involved in electoral politics in the 2004 Presidential campaign. And the, uh, answer is, no, at least not directly. We will certainly organize to make antiwar issues a central issue, however this won’t extend to endorsing any particular candidate.The problem isn’t Bush, the problem is more systemic that that, we have an economy based on war, and that needs to be channelled towards peace instead. Plus, many other groups will be directly involved in endorsing candidates, so ANSWER can better use its limited resources and time elsewhere.