Was Jessica Lynch rescue staged…

Was Jessica Lynch rescue staged for TV?

From Dan Gillmor’s eJournal

The Guardian writes about a special BBC report, “The truth about Jessica,” which strongly suggests that the heroic rescue of the American soldier was little more than reality television — a staged event.

What gives the British newspaper’s report credence is the unwillingness of U.S. officials to respond or make clear what actually happened. The reporter says:

“I asked the Pentagon spokesman in Washington, Bryan Whitman, to release the full tape of the rescue, rather than its edited version, to clear up any discrepancies. He declined. Whitman would not talk about what kind of Iraqi resistance the American forces faced. Nor would he comment on the injuries Lynch actually sustained.”

It would be shameful if Lynch’s real bravery was turned into a cheap publicity trick by the Pentagon, to score points with the American public.

If it’s true it’s a scandal. If not, we need to know so we can discredit the slander.

So you have to ask, once again: Where are the U.S. media in covering this story? AWOL, again.