Baghdad homicide rate soars

Baghdad homicide rate soars

“The city’s morgue has seen a 60 percent rise in gunshot killings over the past 10 days.

Five weeks after US troops entered Iraq’s capital, reconstruction has taken a backseat to security. “There are a number of problems, in particular the problem of law and order in Baghdad,” L. Paul Bremer, the new chief civilian administrator for Iraq, said yesterday.”

Wow, such a stunningly penetrating insight coming from this “terrorism expert” and new Big U.S. Dog in Baghdad. I can’t help wonder though, is he an expert in inflicting terrorism or in stopping it? Or maybe I’m just too jaded, huh?

No matter, he plans to kick some serious booty, and them Eye-Rack-Ees will be feeling the taste of Merkin Justice.  Shoot to Kill! That’ll win their hearts and minds, eh?

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