IRA mole outted

IRA mole outted

“The IRA was reeling in shock and panic last night after one of its top members was unmasked as the infamous army spy known as Stakeknife.

Alfredo Scappaticci, deputy head of the Provisionals’ internal security unit, the notorious Nutting Squad, is alleged to have supplied crucial information to the shadowy military intelligence wing, the Force Research Unit, for the past 25 years. He was secretly paid £80,000 a year for his role.

Scappaticci, who was outed on several websites and in a number of Irish Sunday newspapers, is also suspected of involvement in more than 40 murders. Dozens of people may have been allowed to die in order to protect his cover.”

Indeed, as the Guardian follows up in another storyTorture, murder, mayhem – the dirty war just got dirtier”.

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