Regional ANSWER conference

Regional ANSWER conference

The conference on Saturday in L.A. went well. Several hundred attendees heard speakers and attended workshops on civil rights in the era of the Patriot Act, immigrant rights, racism, Palestine, Cuba, labor rights, and more.

All this with the aim of determining what comes next. Where does the movement, the millions who have turned out in the streets, go now?  Much of what was talked about here and at other regional ANSWER conferences will be taken to the national ANSWER conference next weekend in NYC (which I’m attending).

Expect major events to be happening in the next few months, planned by ANSWER, as well as other coalitions and peace groups, virtually all of whom are also meeting and strategizing.

The above photo is of Richard Becker and Larry Holmes, decades long organizers and featured speakers, both from ANSWER. Holmes said the current US/British proposal at the UN for them to be the “occupying power” in Iraq – with unquestioned control over Iraq, and their oil and money – may be the next organizing point. I mean, it’s just … colonialism… isn’t it? And check this out. If the resolution passes,  control stays with the US/Britain until rescinded by the Security Council. And, of course, either country can block that with a veto… Does Iraq get to have any say in its destiny? Apparently not…

Frank Dorrell read an out of print copy of Addicted to War a few years back, tracked down the author, Joel Andreas, and together, they re-issued it. Now it’s on best seller lists and has been translated in other languages.

After Joel finishes his doctorate this summer, he’ll be revising and updating the book. So many wars, so little time.