U.S. struggles in quicksand of…

U.S. struggles in quicksand of Iraq

From the L.A. Times

“Nearly a month after Baghdad fell to U.S. forces, the reconstruction effort is struggling to gain visibility and credibility, crime is a continuing problem, Iraqis desperate for jobs and security are becoming angry and the transition to democracy promised by President Bush seems rife with risk.

“The Americans and the British became obsessed with getting rid of Saddam; they thought he was responsible for all the catastrophes in Iraq,” said Wamid Nadmi, a political science professor at Baghdad University. “But they have opened a Pandora’s box.”

“One day, the Americans will have to hold elections, and it’s clear the Shiites will sweep the polls,” said Nadmi, the political scientist. “Americans are selective about the democracy they want. They want democracy that suits their interests and values.”

Which is no democracy at all, of course. Several friends in ANSWER – admittedly a biased bunch – of mid-East origin think an Intifada / Jihad/ Lebanon type civil war is a virtual certainty to occur in Iraq, and soon. Given that the U.S. appears to have had no plan for what to do after taking Baghdad, except for the obviously absurd belief that Iraqis would pour into the streets supporting them and do what they wanted. Well, they have been pouring into the streets – in protest. What did the chickenhawks expect?