Dean Wins Democratic Elite.

An interesting observation from the Washington Post: “Howard Dean, more than any of his competitors, has tapped into the new Democratic elite: affluent, well-educated professionals, the fastest-growing Democratic constituency.”

Yeah, I know. Dean has made some rather unsettling hawkish comments. However on social issues he’s a moderate, and I will always appreciate him for pounding on the podium at the California Democratic Convention recently saying, “I want my country back. I don’t want to listen to fundamentalist preachers anymore”. No other Democrat comes close to saying things like that, except maybe, in a different way, Al Sharpton.

I’ve heard Dennis Kucinich speak, and he’s a genuine fire-breathing progressive. I’m following him too. However, at least for the moment, Howard Dean has the Mo’.

Besides, Howard Dean has a weblog!

And, at this point, I would vote for Atilla the Hun over George Bush.