Handy new portable storage drives.

Handy new portable storage drives.

There’s some seriously useful, highly portable, hard disk / storage devices on the market now.
Iomega has a product line of portable hard drives, all hot-swappable, with USB or Firewire. I just got the 20 mg model, which comes with Norton Ghost for doing complete hard drives backups.

Translation for non-geeks: This is an easy way to back up selected files or your entire system.

Using my aging tape drive, it takes 6 hours to back up my main system. Using the Iomega and Norton Ghost, it took 8 minutes! Plus I can plug into any PC or Mac with a USB port and transfer files.

There are also truly tiny storage devices available now. They can backup anything from 20 mg to 1 gb, and literally fit on a keychain. Plus they are solid state with nothing to break, and are also USB/Firewire compatible.

The photo is of an EasyDisk 512 mb pocket device. It’s 3 1/2 inches long, with the 20-30mb models going for about $25.

Methinks the traditional hard disk is becoming obsolete.

EasyDisk, More info