The Book of Gambling Virtuously?

The Book of Gambling Virtuously?

Well, it appears William “The Book of Virtues” Bennett, he who loudly tells us how to be moral and virtuous (by his definition, of course), has a serious gambling habit.

“William Bennett, the former Cabinet secretary and family values campaigner, is a high-rolling gambler who has lost millions over the past decade, according to published reports.

When reached by Newsweek, Bennett acknowledged he gambles.

“Over 10 years, I’d say I’ve come out pretty close to even,” he said. “You can roll up and down a lot in one day, as we have on many occasions. You may cycle several hundred thousand dollars in an evening and net out only a few thousand.”

Hogtwaddle. This sounds like the drunk driver telling the cop, “Officer I only had two beers”… But then, denial, evasion, and lying are part of the addiction cycle. If Bennett wasn’t such a pompous insufferable loudmouth, I might actually feel sorry for him.