[1]The Experimental Party has a…

The Experimental Party has a candidate!

Running as an independent under the Experimental Party, “the party of experimentation,” Mr. Golam, legendary info-shaman and digital avatar, discussed his candidacy outside his home in the Electrosphere, where he tried to paint a sharp contrast between himself and President Bush. He also tried to separate himself from other Democratic candidates, and indeed from politicians in general.

“If the American people want a lifelong, corporeal politician in the White House, that’s not me,” Mr. Golam said in a webcast news conference. “They’ll have a group of people to choose from if that’s what they want. If they want instead somebody who is closer to them, more connected to them, someone who will subvert the dominant paradigm, who is willing to gnaw into the body politic, inhabit it, and lay his demon seed, that is me.”