Stupid cat tricks

Stupid cat tricks

Miss Monica reports on a Sunset magazine letters to editor:

“I saw your tip about using a pan of beer to kill slugs (“Let Snails Die Happy,” January, page 12).  This has worked great for us over the years, except recently we found our new neighbor’s cat drank it.  We worried about the effect of a half-cup of brew on this relatively small cat.  He became visibly intoxicated and also began anticipating the pan’s refills, rushing over to lap it up…”

I have two cats. Joey can handle his catnip. Suzy can not. Joey sniffs it a few times, has a little fun, then walks away. Suzy, tragically, rolls wantonly in the catnip, then after a bit and without fail, gets up, walks over to Joey, and starts a fight. Clearly, Suzy can not handle her catnip.

Happily, she has been catnip free for some months now and amuses herself primarily by knocking over wastebaskets, rooting around for a piece of paper, which she picks up in her mouth and brings to me. I am now required to roll the paper into a wad and toss it across the room so she and Joey can play soccer with it. Eventually one of them picks it up in their mouth, brings it to me, dropping it at my feet so we can play more. Aren’t they JUST ADORABLE!

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