Rama lama fa fa fa

Rama lama fa fa fa

From Wayne Kramer’s Muscletone Records comes news of a truly gigantic site devoted to the MC5 (Wayne was their guitarist).

“This is the most pathologically detailed site on the MC5 we’ve ever, ever, ever, ever seen. If you haven’t visited this French site (it’s in English) yet, go here at least once to have your mind blown…

Kramer continues to release excellent music, both with his solo CDs, and with the bands he signs to Muscletone. His stuff is street-wise, intelligent, aural assaults, with with avant jazz, like Sun Ra, and spoken word tossed in the mix.

(The MC5, like the Velvet Underground, were around in the late 60’s-early 70’s, maybe didn’t sell that much, but influenced many, especially punk, and still do.)

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