Oh my God we are…

Oh my God we are so broke ha ha ha ha

Yet another wondrous stream-of-consciousness rant from Mark Moford‘s Morning Fix. Subscribe now!

To read his stuff, just take a deep breath, dive in, and read to the end. Don’t stop, you’ll lose the flow…

“The government ran up a deficit of $252.6 billion in the first six months of the 2003 budget year, nearly twice the total for the same period a year earlier, cuz they’re just that goddamn snickeringly hell-bent on trashing the economy for the benefit of BushCo’s giddy money-drunk WASP mafia cronies, woo hoo! What, too bitter? The latest figures, released by the Treasury Department, highlighted the government’s deteriorating fiscal situation and mind-numbing molestation of the national treasury, suckers, ha ha ha guess what while you were all dumbstruck watching the war on TV ShrubCo was busy doing to the nation what Jenna does to a beer bong, beeyatch. Record deficits are forecast this year and next, ha ha ha hahahahaha. The total deficit so far this fiscal year compares with a shortfall of $131.9 billion a year earlier. “We sincerely hope to quintuple that number by this time next year, and lose money so fast it makes the very core of your being swoon with sadness and bitter rage,” said Dick Cheney, picking his teeth with the dried arm bone of an Iraqi child.”

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