The peace movement is alive…

The peace movement is alive and well

Things are momentarily quiet in the peace movement now, which is not surprising given the frantic pace of the past several weeks, plus the fast moving events in Iraq. Here in LA, ANSWER helped organize four major demonstrations in five weeks. Yes, we need to catch our breath.

However much is happening. ANSWER, the group I’m most familiar with, will be having regional conferences and workshops in NYC, LA, and SF over the next few weeks. We’re planning for maybe 1,000 people at the LA conference. Other peace coalitions are doing the same – organizing and planning what to do next.

There’s lots to organize on. No occupation in Iraq. Too much being spent for war and not enough at home. The increasing attacks on civil liberties. And, of course, war. It looks to me like the US will find some pretext to invade Syria.

Let’s see, the US currently has invaded and is occupying two countries (Afghanistan and Iraq) because they said they wanted to kill one person in each country. Neither of those people, bin Laden or Saddam, have been proven to be dead, yet the US continues to occupy both countries. Does this make any sense to you? I didn’t think so.

Syria (or Iraq or North Korea) will be next to be invaded. It’s all quite mad. However, in the meantime the peace movement has a modest amount of time to rest and plan what to do next.