Attention PC command line geeks!

Attention PC command line geeks!

If you use the command line often, then you probably understand why it is so powerful, and how you often can get things done easily at the command line that can be problematic to do in Windows. Even with that, the default command lines in Windows are ok, but nothing great.

If you have no idea what I just said, skip to the next posting! For the rest of you, Take Command is a true geek tool that gives a hugely powerful command line.

Take Command, the venerable command line substitute, is from I just upgraded to the latest version, and it’s wonderful. With many new features, and endlessly configurable, Take Command has 1) a truly powerful batch language, 2) greatly enhanced commands (like DIR and COPY), 3) new commands (like SELECT, which allows interactive choice of files for a command), 4) drag and drop of file names from any Windows app, 5) configurable tool bars, 6) command aliases, 7) easy change of directories by just typing the first few letters, 8) file descriptions, 9) powerful command line and directory history, and lots more.

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