Coming soon: an invasion of…

Coming soon: an invasion of Syria

Bush demands ‘cooperation’ from Syrians.

President Bush accused Syria today of harboring senior Iraqi military and government officials and demanded “cooperation” in punishing some of them. But he stopped short of threatening to use military force against Syria.”

That’ll be changing soon enough, no doubt… Just in the past few hours, the Bushies have rapidly escalated the charges, increasing the pressure. They say they aren’t going to invade, yet their bellicose statements show otherwise.

Syria has chemical weapons, says Bush. (Uh, so what, Syria is not threatening us, and besides we have chemical weapons)

Ex-regime leaders in Syria, U.S. says. (Again, so what?)

U.S. says it will examine measures against Syria.

Britain raises concern about possible Iraq-Syria cooperation.

From The Independent:

America’s attacks on Syria simply confirm fears of its Middle East intentions

“There is something unseemly, not to say alarming, about the way in which the US appears to be setting up Syria as the next threat to world peace and security even before the guns have fallen silent in Iraq. With looting and violence continuing, barely restrained, over the weekend, President Bush and his senior officials peppered Syria with warnings about its behaviour – warnings all too reminiscent of the ones that preceded the war on Iraq.”