Officials oddly cautious about Iraq

Officials oddly cautious about Iraq

Pentagon tempers joy with caution

“With the fall of Baghdad, top priorities for U.S. forces in Iraq now are recovering American POWS, securing the northern oil fields and unearthing illegal weapons, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Wednesday. Another must is to capture “or otherwise deal with” Saddam Hussein and his sons, he said.”

Blair reacts with relief and caution

“He said, “This conflict is not over yet. There are still some very difficult things to do and, as we speak, there is still resistance, not broad spread among the Iraqi people, but among those parts of Saddam’s regime that want to cling to power.”

DailyKos has more on this, pondering, among other things, now that the Kurds have taken Kirkuk, will they peacefully turn it over to the US?

Also, Baghdad has no power or potable water, and in a city of five million, that’s not good.