Port of Oakland shut down by demonstrators. Police fire concussion grenades and wooden bullets at protesters and dock workers.

Dozens of antiwar protesters injured at Port of Oakland. Look at the picture. They had to be aiming directly at her. What a bunch of thugs.

Even a Oakland City Council member complained about the police tactics.

“About 200 of the port demonstrators later marched to the federal building in Oakland, blocking a street and chanting: “Out of the office and into the streets! U.S. out of the Middle East!” They were joined by Oakland City Council members Jane Bruner and Jean Quan.

“They should not have been using the wooden bullets,” Bruner said. “Given what’s happening in the world today, we’re going to be seeing more of this. And we should be prepared to handle it.”

NYC Indymedia reports 107 protesters were “premptively” arrested outside the office of the Carlyle Group, including those peacefully on a sidewalk across the street, daring to exercise freedom of expression.
Here in L.A., numerous groups are joining together to plan what could turn out to be a significant, well-organized, city wide display of mass civil disobedience. Stay tuned.