[1]”Don’t mourn, organize”

“Don’t mourn, organize”

The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW or “Wobblys”) are a militant labor union who gained renown in the early decades of the 1900’s.

They organized in industrial areas, and in mining and logging camps. One one memorable occasion, they marched on a logging camp in the northwest, and were met by the sheriff with a band of goons hired by management. The Wobblys said, “We have a constitutional right to organize here”. The sheriff replied, “There is no Constitution here”, and the goons attacked, badly injuring many, driving the Wobblys back.

A few day later, the Wobblys marched on the same camp again! That’s what they were made of. This time, they were successful, and they unionized it.

Joe Hill, perhaps the best known of all Wobblys, was their songwriter. In 1915, he was executed for murder. In a final letter to a supporter, he penned the now immortal words, “Don’t mourn, organize”.

Inded. Many of us in the peace movement, myself included, have literally made ourselves sick over this war. I’ve pushed myself way too hard, many of my friends have too, feeling sick over, and mourning this insane war.


This is a marathon, not a sprint. Pace yourself. Slow down. Take some time off, get perspective. Look at a flower.


Illegitimus non carborundum est.
(Don’t let the bastards get to you).

And remember what Joe Hill said!

P.S.  From the historical section of the current IWW website: What they did 93 years ago echoes through to our day.

* First reference to “direct action” in IWW publications.
* First use of terms “sabotage” and “passive resistance” in IWW publications.