What to wear to a…

What to wear to a demonstration

After, what ten major march and rallies in the past few months, I’ve decided the best clothes to wear to a peace march – especially now that it’s getting warm here in L.A. – are backpacking clothes.

Hiking boots.
Yes, they weigh more. They also give vastly better support than shoes or sandals. I’ve boulder-hopped down canyons in mine, so I completely trust them at demos! Then, two pairs of socks, one light inner pair, one heavier outer pair, to protect against blisters.

Convertible cargo pants.
These are long-legged pants where you can unzip the lower legs and turn them into shorts. The lower leg parts should have zippers on the side so you can take them off while wearing boots.

Big floppy straw hat.
I used to think Little Old Ladies (LOLs) who wore big floppy straw hats were silly … until I wore one. Then I saw they give huge shade protection and lots of ventilation. LOLs, I then decided, were way smarter than I’d thought.

Outdoor supply stores have all manner of inventive ways to carry water, one should work for you.