Police abuse hotline open in…

Police abuse hotline open in Los Angeles

From Southern California Americans for Democratic Action

“We are looking to be a repository for protester’s stories of  police misconduct.  By collecting the names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of these folks, along with their stories, we can call on them to testify in the future and use them to recommend changes now in LAPD policy and procedures.

All injuries will be reported to the National Lawyers Guild for legal representation.

The phone number is (323) 852-9190


The relationship between protesters and the LAPD is spiraling out of control.   Last week, I was detained twice by the LAPD for doing nothing but walking down a sidewalk holding a sign that read, “Support our Troops, Bring them home Now.”  I have been witness to unprovoked police abuse of protesters…one woman was hit by a police baton just inches from her baby which was nestled in a sling that hung from her shoulders. Another man was pulled from the back of a march and beaten, and, if you saw the pictures in the L.A. Times on Monday, a young man was beaten in the head by LAPD for “not moving fast enough.”